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ECOTEX GmbH, Germany

30 years of experience

We have been involved in the textile industry for more than 30 years. Our areas of expertise include collection, transport and preparing clothes for further processing, recycling, and trading used textile products. In Germany, we collect unsorted (original) clothing, which serves as the raw material for the production of sorted clothing. Our second-hand clothing comes from both container collections and from our own certified contractors. Visible waste is removed immediately to prevent it from contaminating the original that we sell to our clients.

Container Service

At the request of our clients, we set up, move, and remove containers for used clothing. We also take care of their technical condition and visual appearance. As part of the clothing collection which we plan together with our client, we can order new containers together with stickers. Within 48 hours, we remove any excess clothing from the containers and their surroundings, quickly responding in emergency situations, such as e.g. citizens accidentally throwing valuable/private items into the container (when the container has not been emptied after the situation).

Responsible Sales

We sell unsorted used clothing both in large quantities, shipping orders by 40ft HC sea freight containers, by road (loads of up to 20 tons per truck) or in smaller quantities with transport arranged by the customer. We are constantly expanding the network of our clients, giving clothes a second life and thus contributing to the effective reduction of waste.

A Certified Textile Management Plant

Ecotex GmbH is inspected by TÜV Rheinland – a leading international supplier of industrial inspection services in the world – and is certified annually against the criteria of the German Waste Management Regulation (pursuant to § 56 and 57 KrWG).

We are a specialist waste management company in the field of collection, transport, storage, processing, recycling, trade and processing of used textiles (AVV 04 02 22, 15 01 09, 19 12 08, 20 01 11).



Assortment of Ecotex GmbH

Original Shoes Feathers
Unsorted Shoes Available upon request. Please contact us! Sorted into bales
Unsorted Textiles Mix Available upon request. Please contact us! Sorted into bales

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