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Textile recycling

– for more than 30 years

We process and recycle over 600 tons of used and new textiles, clothing, footwear, feathers, and textile raw materials from industry, households, and municipalities per month. Our German company Ecotex Germany, together with companies belonging to the Ecotex Group in Poland, employs over 100 trained employees who help improve the global community’s life every day. We dedicate our efforts to promoting the most effective use of second-hand materials to counteract the environmentally destructive consequences of Fast Fashion.

Bearing in mind the common good of our environment, we are motivated by the quest of finding increasingly better solutions for challenges in textile recycling. We operate in accordance with the EU regulation and the current German Waste Management Act (KrWG). Our activities include cooperations with charity associations, textile recycling companies, as well as international partnerships with contractors and customers from Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Our Mission Statement

“We act for the global community’s needs of tomorrow in the field of clothing recycling by recognizing them today already while being an example of responsible resource management.”

We achieve it by:
  • maintaining conformity with strict certification standards (TÜV-Rheinland, certification no. 01 400 120778);
  • supporting charities financially;
  • promoting responsible disposal of clothing, shoes, and household items by close cooperation with benevolent organisations and certified suppliers;
  • being transparent about our operations with our stakeholders;
  • applying a “zero-waste” philosophy across every aspect of our operations and decision making;
  • keeping our environmental footprint to a minimum;
  • improving constantly our working practices through the development of our staff and innovating processes.

A Certified Textile Management Plant

Ecotex Germany is inspected by TÜV Rheinland – a leading international supplier of industrial inspection services in the world – and is certified annually against the criteria of the German Waste Management Regulation (pursuant to § 56 and 57 KrWG).

We are a specialist company dealing in waste management in the field of collection, transport, storage, processing, recycling, trade, and processing of textiles (AVV 04 02 22, 15 01 09, 19 12 08, 20 01 11).


Socially responsible

– we think about others

As a certified specialist in the management of textile raw materials, our aspiration is to become a leader in and promote the practice of sustainable business in the industry. We want to support the ecosystem by completely closing the cycle of textile recycling. We have set ourselves the goal of abiding by a zero-waste philosophy, which aims to reuse and recycle 100% of discarded clothing.

In the area of ​​textile recycling, we put people and the environment in which they live in the first place. We proudly contribute to raising the standard of living of people who find themselves in a difficult situation. For years, we have been cooperating with various charity organizations, implementing our mission to help those in need.

Our Partners



Ecotex Germany

Collection of clothes and sale of original from the German market. Certified specialist in the management of textile waste according to TÜV-Rheinland.


Ecotex Poland

Sorted second-hand clothes from German original, British collections and outlet clothing. Over 160 product categories.


Pre-sorted Clothing

Pre-sorted categories: D2D and C4C from Great Britain


Transport Services

Professional transport and forwarding services.


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