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Ecotex Germany and Helppack deal with unsorted used clothing. Ecotex Poland is responsible for sorting used clothing in detail and pre-gradingoutlet clothing.

Textile Recycling - For Over 30 Years

We process and recycle over 8,000 tons of used and new textiles, clothing, footwear, feathers and secondary textile materials from industry, households, and municipalities annually. Our German branch, Ecotex Germany, together with companies belonging to the Ecotex Group in Poland, employ over 70 trained employees who care about improving the quality of life of the global community every day. The basis of our activity is the pursuit of the most effective use of secondary raw materials.

Bearing in mind our common good, we are constantly looking for new development opportunities. We do not close ourselves to innovations, focusing on the search for even better solutions. We operate in accordance with the EU regulation and the current German Waste Management Act (KrWG).

Our activities include cooperation with charitable associations, textile recycling companies, as well as international partnerships with contractors and clients from Europe, Africa and Asia.

Our Mission

We address the needs of tomorrow in the field of clothing recycling by recognizing and acting upon them today while aspiring to be a leading example of ecologically sustainable resource management.

We achieve it by:

  • meeting strict certification standards (TÜV-Rheinland, certification number 01400 120778),
  • financially supporting charities,
  • promoting responsible recycling of clothes, shoes and household goods by working closely with charitable organizations and certified suppliers,
  • maintaining transparency of our business activities towards our stakeholders,
  • applying the "zero waste" and "less waste" philosophy in all aspects of our activities and decisions,
  • minimizing our ecological footprint,
  • consistently improving our work practices, supporting our employees, and introducing innovative solutions.

Social Responsibility - We Think of Others

Being a certified specialist in the management of textiles, our aspiration is to become a leading example of being a sustainable business in our industry. We want to support the ecosystem by completely closing the clothing recycling cycle. Guided by the principles of the zero-waste philosophy, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing post-production waste to an absolute minimum.


In the area of textile recycling, we put people and the environment in which they live in the first place. We are proud to contribute to raising the standard of living of people who find themselves in a difficult situation. We have been cooperating with various charity organizations for years, fulfilling our mission of helping those in need.

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