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Wholesale of Second-Hand and Outlet Clothing

Collection, sorting, and recycling of clothing to support Circular Fashion

30+ years of experience

Since the beginning of our activity, we have been guided by the mission of giving second-hand clothes a second life.


We work with customers on three continents to find the best possible uses for already produced textiles.

Certified expertise

The reliability of our activities is confirmed annually by one of the world's leading, German certifying institutions: TÜV-Rheinland.

8,000,000 kg

By recycling and reusing clothing, we contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

Our companies

Ecotex Group

We have been working in the field of circularity of clothing for 30 years, because we believe in the social and environmental benefits of responsible textile recycling. 

The companies that make up the Ecotex Group are not only used-clothing wholesalers. We are responsible for clothing collection, sorting and recycling, the sale of used and new textiles, as well as for their transport. 

Ecotex Germany collects used clothing via clothing banks and from reliable suppliers.

Ecotex Poland is responsible for sorted used clothing in detail or preliminary and outlet clothing.

Ecotex GmbH colelcts and sells used clothing from bank collections. 

Helppack is a brand managed by Ecotex Germany, under which we implement new ways of collecting clothes in Germany,

that create added value for society by supporting charity projects and developing initiatives related to Circular Fashion..

Sorted Used Clothing

Used clothes pre-sorted and in detail into over 160 product categories obtained from textiles originating from West Germany, England, and Scotland. 

Outlet Clothing

Warehouse, shop and production surpluses of various manufacturers at attractive prices. Sorted for resale according to our clients' requirements, in order to best match their business model.


Unsorted Clothing

Sale of unsorted clothing coming from collections from West Germany. Ecotex Germany is a certified specialist in the management of textile waste according to TÜV-Rheinland.

Collections from textile banks

In cooperation with cities, municipalities and charitable institutions, we collect clothing through textile banks / containers. 

Clothing Collections (Online)

An innovative method of obtaining textiles, thanks to which you decide what the funds generated in this way will be spent on. A brand managed by Ecotex Germany - with an industry experience of over 30 years.

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Join the group of partners that have given us their trust

Let's work together to support and foster Circular Fashion

Unsorted Clothing

The scope of our services and offer begins with the collection and distribution of unsorted clothing, for which Ecotex Germany is responsible. If you are looking for clothing straight from collection banks or from our trusted network of suppliers we are happy to help you. For larger order quantities in excess of 10 tons, we organise shipping as well.

Sorted Clothing

In our sorting plant and warehouse Ecotex Poland in the Lubuskie Voivodeship, we grade the directly imported clothing from our company Ecotex Germany and trusted suppliers into over 160 product categories. The clothing goes through a multi-stage sorting and control process. We value transparency and we approach each client individually, developing the most appropriate model of cooperation and selecting the right categories of goods that match their business profile as well as their requirements.

Online Clothing Collections and at Drop-Off Points

Helppack is our brand under which we provide collection services online as well as directly at destinations of cooperating partners in Germany.


Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to complete the contact form on our website. Depending on the goods you are looking for, a dedicated person will contact you as soon as possible.

We work on clothing imported from Germany, England, and Scotland. Ecotex Germany and Helppack are responsible for collecting and supplying German clothing, and trusted business partners for goods from Great Britain. 

For sorted and pre-sorted clothing intended for wholesale and retail sale, our company Ecotex Poland located in the province of Lubuskie.

Ecotex Germany and Helppack are headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany. Ecotex Poland and Polstoff are companies located in Żagań, Poland.

Ecotex Germany conducts collections in North Rhine-Westphalia in the western part of Germany. You can also send clothes by courier here: On this website you can send a parcel with your clothing to us for free and choose which project or theme you would like to support. IMPORTANT! – at the moment, the solution works in Germany ONLY.

We developed and maintain a detailed and multi-stage grading process that is aligned with our customers' requirements and expectations. As such, we use the full potential for reuse of clothing and supply other clothing wholesalers, retail stores and companies that resell or use clothing in its original as well as in alternative forms by finding new applications for textiles.

We do not run our online retail shop. We only offer our goods for sale as a wholesaler. We meet the expectations of novice entrepreneurs and can carry out trial courier shipments with smaller volumes. It is also possible to purchase without visiting our facility, but we always encourage to do so to learn about our sorting process and the quality we have. 

Ecotex Poland is a direct importer of clothing from England and Scotland. It is possible to purchase goods in their original form (from D2D and C4C collections), or already sorted by our sorting staff. 

Ecotex Germany is responsible for unsorted clothing. We do not sell unsorted clothing to individuals or companies without waste processing permits.

Not only a used clothing wholesaler - Ecotex Group

Ecotex Group, thanks to the comprehensiveness of its activities, is a promoter of the reuse of used clothing.
The partnerships between the companies which Ecotex Group encompasses provide professional services in the following range: Collection and distribution of unsorted goods, for which Ecotex Germany is responsible, detailed sorting performed by Ecotex Poland, as well as transport and forwarding conducted by Polstoff sp. z o.o.. Each step of the entire process is closely monitored. Close cooperation between companies guarantees the highest quality of services and goods in line with customers' expectations.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier? As a used goods wholesaler, we have a favourable offer for you. 

Used clothes - let's take care of our planet

Used clothing, which our companies deal with, gains a second life thanks to collections and their re-circulation. Due to the condition of our planet and ongoing climate change, these activities are critical. The fashion industry is one of the largest generators of carbon dioxide. The impact of this industry on the climate is tremendous, which is why taking action to reduce it is a necessary and self-explanatory step to take. Increasing the popularity of apparel recycling and the development of second-hand clothing wholesale can significantly contribute to improving the fashion sector's situation, thus reducing its impact on the climate.

We are pleased with the opinions of our customers who perceive us as the best sorted second-hand clothing wholesaler in Poland. We take care of our customers with an individual approach to their needs, we control the sorting processes on an ongoing basis.

Professional wholesaler of used clothing

Ecotex Poland as a used clothes wholesaler plays an important role in the Ecotex Group. In this sorting plant we categorise used clothing into more than 160 product categories and prepare textiles for further sale for reuse in their original form, or to be used for fibre production and alternative textile products. We also offer C4C and D2D clothing from England and Scotland as well as outlet clothing. Among them, there are also branded second-hand clothes or items still carrying their labels. The whole process is carried out professionally and meticulously supervised by our specialists. Each piece of clothing is analyzed. After a multi-stage selection process, second-hand clothes are sold in wholesale, second-hand shops, and recycling plants that manufacture products using fibers from used textiles.