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Wholesale and sorting of used and outlet clothing. We address the challenges of the clothing industry in order to advance the reuse and recycling of textiles.

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Sorted Used Clothing

We offer carefully sorted used women's, men's, and children's clothing, fashion accessories, fabric toys, household textiles as well as categories destined for further recycling. We approach our work comprehensively - from individual advice before purchase to after-sales service. We focus on transparency: We offer the opportunity to check the goods before buying from us in the warehouse and directly at the time of loading.

Outlet Clothing

We import and sell clothing from production, warehouse, store surpluses as well as from consumer returns. Clothing often still has original tags and is available for attractive prices in comparison with unit prices in retail sales. Whether you run a Second-Hand store or specialize in the sale of outlet goods, with our offer you can diversify the choice for your customers. Please contact us to find out more about current availability.

D2D i C4C (UK)

We directly import clothing from Great Britain from our proven and trusted suppliers. D2D (door-to-door) clothing is collected directly from households in exchange for supporting a myriad of initiatives or charities. This type of textile remains unsorted in its original composition. C4C (cash for clothes) clothing is obtained at collection points, where donors receive an agreed amount of money in exchange for clothes. Clothing is inspected on the spot to remove and significantly reduce lower quality and damaged items.

Our transport and forwarding services

Since 1991, we have been running Polstoff, the company, which is responsible for providing domestic and international transport as well as forwarding services. Close cooperation with companies belonging to the Ecotex Group guarantees the highest safety standard and timeliness of each shipment.

Polstoff has the necessary EU permits required for road transport , including used clothing and recycled paper.

Let's work together to support and foster Circular Fashion

Who we are

We are a wholesaler of sorted used clothing, belonging to the international group of recycling companies, Ecotex Group. We sort and process clothing, footwear, feathers, textile residues and other post-production waste from secondary textiles for over 30 years strong>. We implement solutions that counteract the harmful effects of Fast Fashion. Sorted clothing gains a second life instead of landing in a landfill. This is why we actively work for sustainable management of secondary raw materials.

What makes us different

As used clothing wholesaler we supply other wholesalers and retail stores with goods, without running our own retail stores. Our customers can be sure that the clothing we sell is not defective. Clothing used for sorting comes from western Germany, where it is collected by our certified company Ecotex Germany, belonging to the Ecotex Group, as well as from our trusted suppliers from the UK. We cooperate with clients and contractors from Poland, Europe, and Africa with whom we help develop local jobs and industries. Clothing that is not suitable for resale or for retrieval of its fibres and which is classified as waste remains in Europe and is used for thermal recycling. We are also distinguished by professional, detailed quality control at every stage of production.

What we offer

We offer over 160 permanent categories of sorted used clothing, pre-sorted C4C clothing, clothing from D2D collections from England and Scotland, and outlet categories. To meet the needs of our customers, we are constantly expanding our offer among which you can already find carefully sorted second-hand women's, men's and children's clothing, jewelry, toys, and household textiles. We approach our work comprehensively - from offering individual advice before purchase to after-sales service.

We emphasize transparency: We offer you the opportunity to check the goods before buying from us in our warehouse and directly during loading. Feel free to contact us - together we will prepare an offer that suits your needs and business profile!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to complete the contact form on our website. Depending on the goods you are looking for, a dedicated person will contact you as soon as possible.

We work on clothing imported from Germany, England, and Scotland. Ecotex Germany and Helppack are responsible for collecting and supplying German clothing, and trusted business partners for goods from Great Britain. 

For sorted and pre-sorted clothing intended for wholesale and retail sale, our company Ecotex Poland located in the province of Lubuskie.

Ecotex Germany and Helppack are headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany. Ecotex Poland and Polstoff are companies located in Żagań, Poland.

Ecotex Germany conducts collections in North Rhine-Westphalia in the western part of Germany. You can also send clothes by courier here: Helppack.de. On this website you can send a parcel with your clothing to us for free and choose which project or theme you would like to support. IMPORTANT! – at the moment, the solution works in Germany ONLY.

We developed and maintain a detailed and multi-stage grading process that is aligned with our customers' requirements and expectations. As such, we use the full potential for reuse of clothing and supply other clothing wholesalers, retail stores and companies that resell or use clothing in its original as well as in alternative forms by finding new applications for textiles.

We do not run our online retail shop. We only offer our goods for sale as a wholesaler. We meet the expectations of novice entrepreneurs and can carry out trial courier shipments with smaller volumes. It is also possible to purchase without visiting our facility, but we always encourage to do so to learn about our sorting process and the quality we have. 

Ecotex Poland is a direct importer of clothing from England and Scotland. It is possible to purchase goods in their original form (from D2D and C4C collections), or already sorted by our sorting staff. 

Ecotex Germany is responsible for unsorted clothing. We do not sell unsorted clothing to individuals or companies without waste processing permits.