Garment recycling is an opportunity to recycle clothing into raw materials for further production in many different industries. At Ecotex Group, thanks to our sorting service, we will provide goods for reuse according to our customers' expectations. To reduce the environmental impact of the fast fashion phenomenon, it is worth working with us. Textile waste recycling is a way for unusable clothing to gain a second life in another form instead of lying in landfills.


Recycling clothing and textiles - to give a second life to clothes

The issue of fast fashion is a worldwide problem that keeps environmentalists up at night. We in our business use unnecessary clothes, which instead of being thrown into a landfill, can be effectively recycled. Recycling of used clothing and textiles is an opportunity to recycle unusable clothes. Our offer is directed to the manufacturing industry - products from this category will be great as raw material for the production of fibers and yarns.

Efficient textile waste recycling with Ecotex Group

Ecotex Group is not just a used clothing wholesaler. Thanks to processes refined during more than 30 years of operation, we provide our customers with the required quality goods. Our used clothing sorting plant means that tons of textiles can be processed and put back into circulation. Our offer includes not only recycling of textile waste, but also unsorted used clothing. Feel free to contact us!


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Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to complete the contact form on our website. Depending on the goods you are looking for, a dedicated person will contact you as soon as possible.

We work on clothing imported from Germany, England, and Scotland. Ecotex Germany and Helppack are responsible for collecting and supplying German clothing, and trusted business partners for goods from Great Britain. 

For sorted and pre-sorted clothing intended for wholesale and retail sale, our company Ecotex Poland located in the province of Lubuskie.

Ecotex Germany and Helppack are headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany. Ecotex Poland and Polstoff are companies located in Żagań, Poland.

Ecotex Germany conducts collections in North Rhine-Westphalia in the western part of Germany. You can also send clothes by courier here: On this website you can send a parcel with your clothing to us for free and choose which project or theme you would like to support. IMPORTANT! – at the moment, the solution works in Germany ONLY.

We developed and maintain a detailed and multi-stage grading process that is aligned with our customers' requirements and expectations. As such, we use the full potential for reuse of clothing and supply other clothing wholesalers, retail stores and companies that resell or use clothing in its original as well as in alternative forms by finding new applications for textiles.

We do not run our online retail shop. We only offer our goods for sale as a wholesaler. We meet the expectations of novice entrepreneurs and can carry out trial courier shipments with smaller volumes. It is also possible to purchase without visiting our facility, but we always encourage to do so to learn about our sorting process and the quality we have. 

Ecotex Poland is a direct importer of clothing from England and Scotland. It is possible to purchase goods in their original form (from D2D and C4C collections), or already sorted by our sorting staff. 

Ecotex Germany is responsible for unsorted clothing. We do not sell unsorted clothing to individuals or companies without waste processing permits.